On the market since 2001, 100% polish capital, recognized throughout Europe.


Company and products

Tweetop is a company with entirely Polish capital and board. Since 2001 Tweetop operates on both Polish and European markets, constantly increasing product offers and area of operation

The main product of the company is the Tweetop system, based on multilayer pipes and press fittings - the most advanced system in the plastic pipe world. Tweetop offers pipes and fittings in dimension range of 14 – 75mm with all necessary tools and accessories dedicated to different applications, from household to industrial ones.

Manufacture of multilayer PERT-AL-PERT pipe is carried out in Poland since 2007 with the use of cutting edge machinery and fully equipped laboratory. Production process is constantly under the supervision of experienced technical personnel. Tweetop Sp. z o.o. is one of the four companies in Poland that is manufacturing multilayer pipes with PERT-AL-PERT aluminium core.

Manufacture of Tweetop system is made with the use of top quality machines and raw materials from leading European manufacturers. Fittings of Tweetop system are copyrighted development of the company and can be recognised thanks to the sign visible on the body.

Apart from complete pipe system, Tweetop offers selection of heat pumps (type air-water): EcoHeatPro and EcoHeatComplex. Heat pump EcoHeatPro received Gold Medal on the Poznan International Fair 2014.


Since the September 2011 all production, laboratory, warehouse, logistics and sales office is located on Ludowa 24c Street in Szczecin. The XIX century clinker brick building was completely renovated for the company purposes.


The strength of Tweetop is the expert team of Sales representatives, who are oriented on the professional cooperation with the Client. They have broad knowledge about the product and they combine it with perfect knowledge of market. Furthermore, they can rely on support of training, technical and design departments, who can offer vast selection of services, such as trainings or consulting, that are provided by professionals with extensive experience in installation sector.