We offer free consulting and organize training courses for fitters.


Technical help and training

Tweetop offers a free technical help bundle including:

  • hydraulic conversion of planar heating systems (designs) - NOTICE: we do not calculate heat losses.
  • creation of technical basics required for changing heating installations in existing residential, industrial and public buildings - NOTICE: we do not calculate heat losses.
  • help in optimizing system designs in newly-built facilities
  • assistance in converting the compensation of thermal elongations
  • consultation on the use of Instalsoft software

In order to benefit from our advisory services please contact our sales representatives or technical support department.

With the support of regional representatives, our technical department organizes frequent training and seminars on:

  • installation of Tweetop System components
  • applications of the Tweetop system in low-temperature heating systems including surface and floor heating solutions
  • specificity of Tweetop system design