Surface heating

Economy, comfort and functionality thanks to Tweetop solutions.


Tweetop Floor

Complete floor heating and cooling solution.

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Tweetop Renova

Floor heating designed for renovation of existing buildings.

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Tweetop Wall

Wall heating to be used as an alternative or supplementation of floor heating systems.

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Why choose surface heating?

In Tweetop surface heating systems, the whole floor area is the heater, due to which horizontal temperature distribution in the room is even, while the vertical temperature decreases with increasing height. Thanks to this, heat is transmitted to the body parts that need it most, such as feet, while the head – inherently vulnerable to overheating, remains cool..


A sense of thermal comfort in rooms where Tweetop Floor, Renova or Wall surface heating is used is felt already at temperatures that are even 2-3 deg. C lower than for conventional heating. This translates into economy of the system, since lowering the temperature inside the room by 1 deg. C is a saving of approximately 6% of thermal energy, which is a significant reduction in the operating costs of the heating system.

The economy of floor heating is also influenced by the fact that surface heating systems operate at low supply parameters (35-45 deg. C), and are therefore ideally suited to operation with condensing boilers and heat pumps, currently the most economical heat sources.


Comparison of heat distribution of various heating solutions

Summary of surface heating qualities

  • Hypoallergenic - no dust in the air. Since there is no movement in the air which would cause dust to fly around. With surface heating allows there is simply more comfort, not only for allergic, but for all of us.

  • Economical - gives a sense of thermal comfort at temperatures 2-3 deg. C lower in comparison to conventional heating, which translates to energy savings of approximately 10-15%.

  • Perfectly suited for co-operation with condensing boilers and heat pumps

  • Tweetop Wall/Floor/Renova surface heating can also operate in cooling mode in conjunction with Tweetop heat pumps

  • Floor and wall mounting of heating makes it invisible which allows for maximum flexibility in interior arrangement.

Basic components of Tweetop Floor, Renova and Wall surface heating systems.


Innovative multilayer pipes consisting of aluminium pipe and two layers of polyethylene PERT.


Pressed and threaded components allowing full scale of connections between pipes.


Flow management circuit which is a central point in surface heating loops.

Installation tools and accessories

A set of tools and accessories required in heating installations assembly process.

Draft in a bundle

Tweetop offer bundled for our customers, a hydraulic system draft for the floor heating supplied by the company technical department, based on data provided. In order to obtain this type of support, contact your Tweetop system distributor or sales representative.





Why is a floor heating draft required?

The floor surface temperature for floor heating systems should be no greater than 27-29 deg. C. An exception to this rule is bathrooms and boundary zones (a strip approx. 1m wide from the outer walls), where the floor temperature may reach 33 deg. C and some types of wood floors, where 24 deg. C must not be exceeded. In order to comply with this condition, it is necessary to optimize the temperature of the heating agent that supplies the system, which depends on the thermal resistance of the floor and the demand for heat in the room.

The only proper way to do this is to perform calculations, i.e. a draft that prevents common adjustment errors, such as: excess floor temperature, poor division into loops without paying any attention to the need of fitting expansion joints between jointless floor panels, excessive pressure loss causing the randomly chosen circulating pump to have insufficient productivity and against inadequate balancing of the system.