We offer free consulting and organize training courses. Our products are available in engineering software.


Technical help and training

Tweetop offers a free technical help bundle including:

  • hydraulic conversion of planar heating systems (designs) - NOTICE: we do not calculate heat losses.
  • help in optimizing system designs in newly-built facilities
  • assistance in converting the compensation of thermal elongations
  • consultation on the use of Instalsoft software

In order to benefit from our advisory services please contact our sales representatives or technical support department.

With the support of regional representatives, our technical department organizes frequent training and seminars on:

  • computer-aided design of plumbing/heating systems using Tweetop system components
  • applications of the Tweetop system in low-temperature heating systems
  • specificity of Tweetop system design



Instalsoft series software

Tweetop has its own version of the engineering and production software InstalSoft. The offer includes the following applications:

  • Tweetop 4.13 HCR - for designing of regular heater and surface heating installations
  • Tweetop 4.13 OZC - for calculating heat losses according to polish and european norms
  • Tweetop 4.13 San - for designing water and sewage installations
  • Scan combiner for scaling graphic files in jpg, tiff, bmp, dib, rle, jpe, pcx, png formats and preparing them for usage in San or HCR applications

All programs are able to import / export files in AutoCad format and can also export the results in .xls and .pdf formats.

It is recommended to regularly update the software in order to obtain the latest version of the directories and files through a special module attached to the software. It allows you to download the latest versions of your files from InstalSoft website.

In addition, the Tweetop system library is available in the following versions of InstalSoft programs:

  • Stelrad – HC version
  • VNH – HC version
  • Henrad – HC version
  • De Longhi – HC version
  • Brugmann – HC version
  • Kermi – HC version
  • Radson – HC version
  • Zehnder – HC version
  • Heimeier – HCR version
  • Danfoss – HCR version excluding floor heating module

For more information about the possibility of receiving / purchase of Tweetop engineering software please contact your sales representative or technical department.

Audytor series software by Sankom

Tweetop system libraries are available In full and producer versions of software used by companies distributing appliances and fittings. To download the catalogs, use the following links:

  • Pipes – in order to download pipes catalogues
  • Armature – in order to download heater valves and distributors catalogues

You can also update your program by downloading files dedicated to your version of the software by using the link. Then run the downloaded files setupco.exe or setuph20.exe. When you start just follow the instructions of the installer.